CRAFT recently held a successful Multiplier Event at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. 

The location of the event was in a wonderful room made for classical music with tree covering the floor, the walls and the ceiling, exhibiting diverse objects exemplifying Portuguese traditional wood furniture, tools and different wood typologies provided by CFPIMM.In one of the walls of the room videos of a Woodcarvers’ work and different Portuguese Furniture is displayed from start to end, to create the atmosphere and explain the craft of the chair visually for the guests.

Students from the Department of Art and Communication and the Music Education opened the event with different compositions inspired by the exhibition and the overall theme of CRAFT – Cultural Heritage.

Professor Fatima Pombo then declared the Exhibition for open and invited the guests to engage with the students participating in the workshop and their sketches and drawings.The exhibition was open for the public and counts guests from the local area, experts and stakeholders from the field of craftsmanship, design, art etc., students from secondary schools interested in the education, the university and the project in specific are attending as well as Colleagues from University of Aveiro and the dean of the department of Communication & Art. Guest visited the drawings exhibited and the students making it possible to ask questions, give in answers and make room for dialogue across chairs and cultural heritage.

The students from The Music Education once again performed a classical piece before closing the exhibition with some final words of Professor Pombo. Three students with the best final product were chosen to participate in the Art Biennale in Venice in September, representing University of Aveiro at yet another CRAFT – Cultural Heritage Event promoting the project.