Katarina Bogataj

Nationality: Slovenian
Institution: Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana

I am Katarina, postgraduate student of Art History and South Slavic Languages and Literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This study program allows me to combine my love of arts with linguistics and translation. I spent a year on a student exchange in Zagreb, where I actively researched the comparison of Slovene and Croatian language. During this time, I also worked on a group project Short Circuit, organized by KONTEJNER (a non-profit NGO from Zagreb), which accompanied last year’s Device-art Festival. In October I will be returning to Zagreb in order to begin my internship with WHW (What, How and for Whom), curatorial collective based in Croatia.

Motivation for participation:
I am all up for group projects! Especially if they involve people of different disciplines/worldviews who are moving towards the same goal. I love exchanging ideas that grow into something bigger than life, connecting all the participants in the process. Such an experience is something you cannot forget easily, and I believe it is an important factor in growing as a person – with additional great potential of building longstanding relationships.