Katarina Richter

Nationality: Slovenian
Institution: University of Ljubljana

I have a BA in both English Language and Literature and in Art History. I decided to pursue my interests further and am now a postgraduate student of Art History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. My main research field is medieval art and architecture. I also work at the National Gallery of Slovenia. Besides exploring medieval frescoes I also love learning foreign languages, discovering new places and learning about different cultures. I try to travel as much as possible in order to gain new experience and to learn more regarding just about any topic I come across.

Motivation for participation:
I come from a village right next to the Italian border and have always had at least some ties with Italy. Naturally, I could never pass up an opportunity to spend some time in Venice. I am also excited to be part of such a project as it will be quite a new experience for me. I look forward to working in a different environment and cooperating with students from all over the world. We can all learn a lot from each other and gain some valuable know-how.