On day 5, the afternoon workshops were taught by the group 7-8 Chili with the goal of constructing and developing a performance for tomorrows Multiplier Event and the Biennale Session. 7-8 Chili has existed since 2005 and is an art collective that works with various artistic languages from performance to video art. 7-8 Chili has been brought into the project with the help of the CRAFT project Partner AMAT – Associazione Marchigiana Attivitá Teatrali. By allowing a performance group like 7-8 CHILI into a workshop where we combine theoretical and practical knowledge and knowledge share, the bodily impact is highly relevant when we wish to explore our shared cultural heritage. The body is an instrument to understand and to explain, and without using words, can develop a language understandable for every guest entering the biennale. You can read more about 7/8 chili here.

Photo: Cort Widlowski / C+W Studio