Bodegón Cabinet – La Redonda Chair (2017)

Seating on this chair is like to seat on a stretched red dot made of a single sheet of galvanized steel.

Bodegón Cabinet is a multidisciplinary studio based in Barcelona focused on architecture, interior and furniture design. This studio created the chair from a pure and simple geometric form, transforming a flat circle in a 3D object which looks at the time as a modern sculpture. According to the perspective from which one glances at La Redonda, its shape assumes a different frame maintaining a sculptural impression. At a certain distance, it remains a red dot cut in the horizon. Bodegón Cabinet states that in the origin was a little model in paper and that from there, in collaboration with local craftsman, it was possible to develop prototypes to different scales till achieving the model that is currently on the market. La Redonda may still appear in other colours, other materials and even other sizes, say the architects who designed the chair.

Author: Fátima Pombo

Photo: © Denise Cárabez y Melisa Ramírez