Jaime Gutiérrez Lega – Ovejo Chair (1972)

The praised Colombian designer Jaime Gutiérrez Lega (Bucaramanga, 1932) tells about the origin of the Ovejo chair (Sheep chair): “I was going often to Villa de Leiva. There, it was easy to find in the markets large amounts of sheep skins, leather straps, Eucalyptus wood already cut for firewood. Those materials made me think in a perfect seat to rest”.  This chair evokes the country roots of the place that stimulated it. Villa de Leiva, three and half hours by car from Bogotá, is a beautiful touristic colonial place, located in a high altitude valley of semi-deserted ground that preserved its original atmosphere. Many buildings date from the sixteenth century and most of the streets are still paved with original cobblestones. Jaime Gutiérrez was inspired by the countryside environment and the materials available in the Villa, and created one of the most recognized Colombian furniture icons. In effect, this chair is a perfect seat to rest, it is comfortable, cozy and particularly shaped to temperatures that ask for warmth around the body. The frame in wood completes the kind invitation for a smooth experience.

Author: Fátima Pombo

Photo: © https://www.facebook.com/pg/Jaime-Gutierrez-Lega-896188073866428/photos/?ref=page_internal