Niko Kralj – Armchair no. 100 (1953)

Niko Kralj, Slovenian architect and designer, widely known for his famous folding Rex chair, designed several furniture items for Stol furniture company during the ’50s. One step among many different successful experiments in the process of improving the technology of moulded, perforated plywood was also the armchair number 100. Likewise its predecessor Rex the accessible and modern new chair no. 100, with cane seat and backrest, became a compulsory object of new post-war modern homes. As one of the iconic items of Slovenian modern design the armchair no. 100 has its place also in the design collection of the Museum of architecture and design in Ljubljana (MAO).

Armchair no. 100 – a chair which smells of wild strawberries with whipped cream

A few years ago we were tidying up my grandparents’ house where many of my childhood memories resided. The joy and happiness of those years were easily triggered by the smell of softly pink roses from the garden which usually came along with carefree early summer laughter and a full cup of wild strawberries covered with whipped cream. Strawberries were from the garden, carefully picked by my grandma in the morning and stored in the fridge for an after-lunch treat. The old fridge was still there and besides also 3 chairs no. 100. I took those chairs, restored them and brought them home, along with sweet memories and the smell of wild strawberries with whipped creme.

Author: Martina Malešič

Photo: Personal archive of the author