The CRAFT project has not been spared some of the consequences of the global COVID-19 situation, which has meant that some of the project activities have postponed or are on standby. Luckily, the partnership is strong, resourceful and optimistic; something that was made evident on a recent project update meeting on skype. Here, the partners had the chance to ‘meet’ digitally, and discuss the progress of the project, as well as contingency plans for the coming year. 

Some very positive news from this year is the extremely successful launch of a special CRAFT Issue of the Res Mobilis Journal by Professor Ana María Fernández García from the University of Oviedo. Furthermore, Professor García has launched another call for chair essays for the CRAFT website, inviting the partners to this time focus on female designers from outside Europe. We are looking forward to seeing the results!

Another very positive news is the fact that Professor Fatima Pombo from the University of Aveiro declares that the planning for the IO5, a student competition, is well underway, and is expected to be launched and held during the spring of 2021. Professor Pombo will be in communication with project partner Hans Thyge as well as project leader Anna Marie Fisker to coordinate the practicalities. 

Additionally, Daniele Sepe and Daniela Rimei from AMAT could present the very happy news that they have asked the Professor and Curator Silvia Cuppuni to write a text on the concept of “chair”, the result of which will be soon displayed on the CRAFT front page!

Thank you to all partners, for their tireless work, commitment and spirit, we are committed to the continued success of the CRAFT project, and are looking towards 2021 as a year with new possibilities, a better global situation, and more “light”!