Ximo Roca – Poppea School Chair anti-Covid 19 (2020)

Facing the health emergency generated by Covid-19, many schools have been forced to replace their old benches or desks in order to return to classrooms during autumn 2020. The Spanish designer Ximo Roca study proposed, in record time, a type of chairs that, due to their shape and materials, can be used in educational environments, minimizing the risk of contagion. It is, actually, a reinterpretation of a previous design from 2017 and adapted to school furniture. It had several previous versions for offices and homes thanks to its simplicity and versatility.

This school chair, which has already been purchased by several European governments, is made of polypropylene, an easily sanitized material. Curved shapes have been used in the design as the right angles present cleaning problems. It also has a comfortable seat, adjustable in height, and its wheels allow to organize students´ groupings according to the classroom needs. Its tray, between the seat and the wheels, is designed to keep student’s school materials and avoid leaving belongings in common areas, which also helps prevent infections. It is a good example of the adaptation of design to society urgent needs and the commitment of creators and producers to the current health emergency.

Author: Ana María Fernández García

Photo: https://cadenaser.com/emisora/2020/12/09/radio_valencia/1607511225_707774.html