Day 8: The culmination of a week’s hard work

20 September, 2021|

The session ended with a reception where students and partners could enjoy a productive week and new relationships over a glass of prosecco and tramezzinis. The sun was shining, and everyone was enjoying the last official part of the workshop. This is also the last post for this year’s CRAFT-workshop and oh how we have enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you to all students and partners for participating and making this journey truly memorable.

Day 8: Hans Thyge and the judges

20 September, 2021|

Hans Thyge from Hans Thyge & Co.  was in charge of presenting the biennale session. Presenting each group and bringing the guests at the session, along on the journey from beginning of the workshop to the final videos. A big applause to him for giving the students feedback every day and helping them reach their full potential. Sitting at the table are guest critics: HC Holmstrand, Sine Raunkjær and Francesca Zanotto.

Day 7: The final presentation at the Architecture Biennale!

20 September, 2021|

  Each group presented their two final videos at the Architecture Biennale. Before the reveal, the groups expressed some thoughts about the process and meaning behind each movie. What a wonderful result! This shows how much work, dedication and understanding the students have gone through in the past few days – and oh we are proud of them.

Day 7: Movement and expression

20 September, 2021|

Friday has arrived and this means that it is time to prepare the final performance. AMAT and 7-8 chili have the complete control over what the final performance will entail. Throughout the week they have impressed both partners and students with their creative storytelling and this morning the students are leaning how to express themselves and their chairs through movement.

Day 6: Partners enjoying themselves

20 September, 2021|

    It is not only the students who gets partnerships between boarders. All the partners in the project have gotten to know each other quite well through the three years that CRAFT has been going on. Setting a great example for the students.

Day 6: One last feedback

20 September, 2021|

The students are receiving the final feedback before they must finish the movies for tomorrow’s session at the biennale.

Day 6: Venice and War – the monument off the Partisan Woman

16 September, 2021|

After a long walk through the streets of Venice we arrived at the monument of the partisan Woman. AMAT and 78-Chili had prepared a stunning soundtrack that immediately took everyone back to the times of the second world war. Following this Ana María Fernandez Garcia had a lecture on the partisan women and on Carlo Scarpa.

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