Day 4: San Michele cemetery

15 Sep 2021|

Today we traveled to San Michele Island and visited the cemetery. Designed by David Chipperfield and brough to life in front of the students by both by the lecture of Fátima Pombo, and musical arrangement of Daniele Sepe. An extraordinary position in Venice to dive into today’s theme: Venice and death.

Day 3: All hands are on board

14 Sep 2021|

In the afternoon the students are back at the workshop table. All hands are on board in getting the film ready for the feedback and discussion round.

Day 3: At Punta della Dogana

14 Sep 2021|

  At the very tip of Punta della Dogana, teachers Rebeka Vidrih and Martina Malešič had a lecture on Merchants and theater. How exciting to understand the importance of this very location in Venice... A citation, chosen from the two lectures: "The project for the World Theatre is characterized by three facts, having a precise usable space, even if not specified, placing it as a volume according to the shape of the Venetian movements being on water". - Aldo Rossi  

Day 2: Dinner & Gelato with new friends

13 Sep 2021|

All students and assistants went out for amazing Italian pizza and wine. Great to talk with one another and hear about each other’s countries and culture. After dinner a Gelato was also shared.

Day 2: Getting to work

13 Sep 2021|

The group arrived back at the Hostel, where workshop leader Elias and workshop assistant Jeppe helped the students combine the different impressions and materials the students have collected throughout the day, into a small video that later was presented.

Day 2: Dragons, myths and mysteries

13 Sep 2021|

Anne Marie Fisker is enlightening the students further on the dragons and other creatures that roam within San Marco square and still to this day is a great source of myths and mysteries within Venice.   A citation from a small interview with the teacher, Anne Marie Fisker: “It must be embarrassing not to have enough sculptures of dragons - and have to use a crocodile instead”

Day 2: Stories, myths, and creatures

13 Sep 2021|

After a walk through the city filled with stories, myths, and creatures we arrived at the San Marco square, where AMAT had a special way of adding to the storytelling. Through sound and movements, they enlightened everyone with a new way of discovering the city.

Day 2: It all begins with 10 chairs

13 Sep 2021|

After the introduction Hans Thyge started the workshop off with a lecture on the 10 chairs that the students have been studying from home. Most interesting! Displayed is a neat sketch of Hans´ thought process in regards of choosing the on the different chairs. All representing different periods and expressions and all statements.

Day 2: The official welcome

13 Sep 2021|

Yesterday was very logistic, getting everyone to Venice and checked in. So, it was wonderful to finally welcome everyone to the CRAFT workshop! Both students and partners were happy, excited to meet one another and to hear what the workshop teacher Elias has in store for the rest of the week.

Day 1: Waiting for the arrivals

13 Sep 2021|

Combo Hostel is quiet as we excitedly await the arrival of the students. What an exciting week to come. Everything is prepared as we are soon starting the 5-day workshop.

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