Output identification:  O2

Output Title: Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme

Output description: This intellectual output concerns the development of the Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme of the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum. This involves the methodology, guidelines and instructions that describes the format of the CRAFT teaching material. Added hereto, are the methods for implementation that are going to be used during the project period. It also sets the requirements for the teaching materials, which all have an innovative and multidisciplinary approach, and will be designed, developed and implemented according to the specific contexts and learning curriculums, i.e. the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum (O1). Moreover, the training scheme describes the requirements for the teaching material as a final intellectual output concerning form and format, as well as content of introduction, instructions, execution and evaluations. The document will also describe what technical tools, tests, prototypes, experiments and public platforms, i.e. exhibitions and performances, that can be used during the project period and to secure a high level of impact on future transferability to other European educational institutions.

The Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme will furthermore be one of the unique end results of CRAFT including teaching instructions aimed for transferability. This end result will also demonstrate the high level of innovation involved in CRAFT.  To ensure fast dissemination of both the process and the results we will create preliminary versions of the final document for dissemination in the evaluation phases after the first and second year.

During the project period, the first target group will be the teachers at the involved institutions, but the multidisciplinary approach also involves cultural actors, manufacturers etc. which will lead to a significant multidisciplinary result and impact in organisations and other sectors. The new Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme in CRAFT will also have a innovative impact on the study courses and thereby a high impact on the students in the involved institutions.

After the project, the target group will be the large group of teaching staff, who are connected to the primary partners in the didactical community, but the document will also have a potential of being useful for others in organisations within higher education according to the materials high potential of transferability.

The aim of the final document is to make it promote the use of new innovative joint multidisciplinary teaching methods, and to make it easy for other organisations and teachers to get started, and the predicted impact on the European educational system in general, is expected to be high.

During CRAFT we will be using a variety of teaching methods, tools, technologies and platforms. An important part of the methodology will be the cooperation with practitioners giving the students unique possibilities to transform ideas and thought to action(s) in real life.

This will lead to an effective impact on the involved participants in connection to practice, since the students taking part in workshops and summer schools (master students and PhD students) will be mixed according to academic levels and professions.

Activity Leading Organisation: Aalborg University

Start & End date: 01.01.2019 – 31.07.2021