Output identification: O3

Output Title: Design and Development of Artistic and Cultural Activity 1

Output description: The Design and development of Artistic and Cultural Activity 1 involves and is built on the CRAFT Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum developed in O1 and implemented in the Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme in O2. The Artistic and Cultural Activity 1 focuses on developing an innovative new course that represents a unique multidisciplinary approach, which involves the scientific environment as well as practitioners and cultural actors. At the same time the artistic and cultural activity will disseminate the new products and innovative ideas all in the field of creative design developed during the new course. It is the expectation that the findings and products of the developed innovative results of the first part of the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum, presented at a public exposition will be showcasing cultural diversity and creating intercultural dialogue focusing on innovative activities built on shared cultural heritage.

During the project period we will work in different cultural heritage environments and contexts to initialize and catalyze a reaction, and thereby perform actions and new designs that create Innovative Cultural Heritage links.

The design and development of O3 will be supported by C3, and will be implemented in courses at the partner universities. The course modules will be executed in C4 and C5, both modules will assist development of the final result that will be exhibited at a Session and a Workshop (carried out during a Summer School, C5) at the Art Biennale in Venice 2019.

The Art Biennale attracts more than 500.000 visitors, and this context will provide a large impact on both the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum and the Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme, inviting public feedback from the visitors, and will therefore, above all, through the attention of the public during both a Session and a Public Workshop give a high impact on European Cultural Values in general.

The design and development of Artistic and Cultural Activity 1 will take a point of departure in the implementation of innovative praxises e.g. through a new developed and better teaching- and training programme. The expected impact and transferability of this Intellectual Output is high, with the prediction that it will be a catalyst to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in Europe, due to the high element of innovation involved.

The aim of O3 is to design and develop course modules which will provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies within the industrial design and engineering field corresponding to history, culture, philosophy and the execution of a project in public built on a foundation of shared cultural heritage.

Activity Leading Organisation: Univerza V Ljubljani

Start & End date: 01.05.2019 – 31.12.2019