Output identification: O7

Output Title: Design and Development of CRAFT Handbook

Output description: The Intellectual Output will design and develop the CRAFT Handbook. A manual and guidance material that will document the project and project results with primary focus on the process, the results, the implementation and execution of the new developed Course/Curriculum (O1), and in detail in the training scheme (O2).

The CRAFT Handbook entails general documentation of the experiences gained throughout the entire project period. This includes detailed descriptions of all designed and developed teaching methods, concepts, tools, and platforms used in all course modules, together with analysis, evaluations and reflections on these. Moreover, it will present our recommendations on how higher education can benefit from further development of the new CRAFT teaching methods. The project thereby has a high level of transferability, as well as a high rate of impact in its additive structure.

The documentation of project results furthermore includes documentation of projects and products created by Master Students and PhD Students during Intellectual outputs O3-O6. To elaborate and conclude on the student learning process and projects, we will document the student projects and related experiences each year. This documentation includes for each course module and execution:

  • Project proposal
  • The documentation (results) made by the students (various formats)
  • Documentation of the public exposure of the results (e.i. photos and videos)
  • A summary of evaluations from companies, supervisors, students, and others who have been involved in the student project

The student project documentation that have an overall innovative format due to the project theme, its multidisciplinary approach and execution will be considered when designing the coming year’s cycle of learning courses. All documentations of student projects and products will be made available both during and after the project period through the project’s various platforms (e.g. web site and Instagram). We believe that this will have a high impact on the European teaching environment due to the easy access to project results creating a high level of transferability not only after but also during the project period.

In addition to presenting and analyzing the achievements and experiences obtained during CRAFT, the detailed Handbook includes an analysis of the project’s impact focusing on how the project through multidisciplinary research based teaching has led to novel and innovative insights, tools and methodologies in the field of Innovative practices built on shared Cultural Heritage. However, to ensure fast dissemination of the results we will create preliminary versions of the document in the evaluation phases after the first and second year.

The Handbook will specifically evaluate the use of Open Educational Resources (OER), and present recommendations to further promote the use of OER in European education.

The CRAFT Handbook is targeted people who are interested in detailed knowledge about the project, and will be of particular interest to staff interested in university didactics, university managements, multidisciplinary teaching, social inclusion, relevant ‘key competencies’, e.g. entrepreneurship, linguistic and digital skills for the purpose of increasing employability and educational- and career development, and others who are interested in an in-depth description and evaluation of CRAFT.

Activity Leading Organisation: Aalborg University

Start & End date: 01.01.2019 – 31.08.2021