Output identification: O8

Output Title: Design and Development of academic / scientific publications

Output description: The aim of this intellectual output is to design the set-up for producing a number of unique academic and scientific publications to enable the distribution and transferal of knowledge from the CRAFT project.

As part of the effort towards meeting the projects objectives including the integrated multidisciplinary approach on research based education with the point of departure in cultural heritage design, the project has brought together educational and cultural institutions and actors from Europe. This fact as well as the purpose to expose the aim of the project – to utilize culture and cultural heritage as the driving forces in creative and innovative design processes will be the core of a number of academic / scientific publications to distribute. It will be a number of peer-reviewed level academic / scientific publications that will focus on the projects elements of innovation and impact on innovative practices built on shared  cultural heritage in Europe with special attention on the multidisciplinary learning, teaching and training activities designed, developed, implemented and executed in CRAFT.

Furthermore, the project will through multidisciplinary cooperation with professional practices and actors from the cultural sector lead to novel and innovative insights, tools and methodologies in the field of innovation built on cultural heritage. Sharing the experiences developed and executed throughout the project will have a high transferability potential. Not just for higher educations in Europe, but also for the European creative environments in general.

The aim of the intellectual output O8 is also to ensure activities to better prepare and deploy the education and training of professionals for equity, diversity and inclusion challenges in the learning environment.

Activity Leading Organisation: Universidad De Oviedo

Start & End date: 01.01.2019 – 31.07.2021

Results: Led by CRAFT partner, Professor Ana María Fernández García from Universidad de Oviedo, the Res Mobilis Journal  published a special CRAFT issue – Vol 9, No 11 (2020): Design as Cultural Heritage. Read the articles and professional reflections here.

Read more about the special issue HERE

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Thank you so much for the wonderful contributions, dedication and hard work – from both contributors and especially from professor Ana María Fernández García!