Arne Jacobsen – Series 7 (1955)


In 1955, Arne Jacobsen set a new standard for chair design when he created the Series 7 – a design he claimed was fit for the future. For eternity, one could maybe say, because series 7 has become a style icon and can certainly be seen as one of the finest examples of timeless design.

Series 7 has remained popular for six decades – a period of profound changes in technology, culture and lifestyle, but with very few changes in the original design.

The pressure-moulded veneer chair is a further development of Jacobsen’s classic Ant chair, and the four-legged stackable chair is in many ways the culmination of the use of the lamination technique. The visionary Arne Jacobsen exploited the possibilities of lamination to perfection resulting in the iconic shape of the chair.

Series 7 has now reached its 60th anniversary and is still in perfect shape to continue its journey towards new generations with new demands and new standards for design. Still, in my mind, it is Lewis Morley’s photograph of Christine Keeler sitting naked the wrong way round on a copy of an Arne Jacobsen chair, which gives the most defining images of this functional chair from the 1960s. I sit on a Series 7 chair nearly every day, and it does indeed tell the story of a unique chair.


Author: Anna Marie Fisker

Photo: Lewis Morley