Niko Kralj – Rex Chair (1956)

“Royal chair for common use”

“The foundation of design is the organic union of all functions that may legitimately influence the forms; here no dominant should be anywhere detectable. In this way, designed objects will be neutral: they will express only themselves and will fulfil the task assigned to them.”  With this words, Niko Kralj described his idea of a good design (in a conversation with Mika Cimolini in 2004), incarnated also in the Rex chair, designed by him for Stol furniture company in 1956. The well-known folding Rex chair was the last result of several development phases of bigger Rex series of furniture, made with the technology of moulded, perforated plywood which allows ventilation, reduces the weight and is designed for mass production. The first predecessor was produced in 1953, already with perforated spatially curved panels for sitting and backrest but still not foldable. The best-known chair in the Rex family, Rex 5654, a foldable variation, was patented in 1958. It has been produced in different colours and in various styles depending on its assigned use, as a club chair, a high-backed chair or an auditorium chair. Following its accessibility and modernity, this iconic Slovenian modern design has become a compulsory object of interiors and outdoors, for homes, offices, halls, terraces and gardens. The chair, named after its designer (Kralj), whose last name in Slovenian means king (rex in Latin), is still being produced today.

Author: Martina Malešič

Photo: Andrejj