Sérgio J. Matos – Armchair Acaú (2014)

Nasci numa onda verde

Na espuma me baptizei

Vim trazido numa rede

Na areia me enterrarei

Na areia me enterrarei


Ou então nasci na palma

Palha da palma no chão

Tenho a alma de água clara

Meu braço espalhado em praia

Meu braço espalhado em praia

E o mar na palma da mão

 (Beira Mar  from Gilberto Gil)


The song Beira Marfrom Gilberto Gil celebrates the deep relation between the man and the sea, the sand, and the white seafoam. The soul itself is made of clear water (tenho a alma de água clara) and the poem resonates that beautiful intimacy.

It was in the beach of Acaú, located in the municipality of Pitimbu, in the state of Paraíba in the Brazilian northeast, that the Coral reefs inspired the Brazilian industrial designer Sérgio J. Matos (Paranatinga, 1975) to design the armchair Acaú engaging fifteen local artisans.

The idea is based on a combination of coral modules and discarded seafood shells stating sustainability as a conceptual tool to design. To the assemblage of each armchair are used around thousand modules with structure in wire, covered with a layer of wire rope, resin and a very resistant paint. All this material is worked by hand from a frame of steel circumferences.

Armchair Acaú expresses the power of the sea and the delicacy of the corals, evoking a trip to Brazilian beaches of warm and transparent waters.

Sérgio J. Matos tells that the texture of armchair Acaú’ materials translates “the fidelity to the inspiration that rests under the tides”.

Author: Fátima Pombo

Photo: Estúdio Sérgio J. Matos