Even Årsland Anderssen

Nationality: Norwegian
Institution/education: Aalborg University/ Architecture & Design

Norwegian master student in Sustainable Architecture from Aalborg University.  I admire architecture as the combination of physics and creativity, law and aesthetics, society and criticism, function and form. With futuristic glasses, environmental and social sustainability becomes crucial parts of my design strategy, working and having an interest in all scales. During my education, I´ve had the pleasure of working for both Krogh Arkitekter in Aalborg and Ratio Arkitekter in Oslo. During the next semester, I will be having my internship in CUBO Architecture in Århus.

Motivation for participation:
To work in a multidisciplinary team and experience different design strategies from across Europe, hereby also expanding my network to outside of Scandinavia. This will also be a great opportunity to exercise fast decision-making, fast designs and multiple software combinations. Also, it is an honour to be exhibited at the Art Biennale, in the city of Venice.