Hana Ceferin

Nationality: Slovenian
Institution: Art History at the university of Ljubljana

I am a postgraduate student of Art History at the University of Ljubljana. I graduated in 2018 in both Art History and English Language and Literature. Since 2015, I have been an associate of Galerija Fotografija, a photographic gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which decisively pointed me into the research of contemporary art, new media and photography in particular. During this time, I have collaborated with several Slovenian photographers and helped present their work in exhibitions as well as contributed catalogue texts. I study photography of all time periods and movements but am particularly interested in experimentation with the medium and exhibiting emerging artists.

Motivation for participation:
Having experienced an art-related summer school before, I couldn’t be happier to join this year’s Biennale workshop. It is an amazing opportunity to exchange opinions and views with colleagues who work in the field but have different backgrounds and experiences. And, of course, there is no better time to be in Venice than during the Biennale. May we have an interesting time!