Lele Ramphele

Nationality: South African
Institution: Politecnico di Milano

Once graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors in Architectural studies did a years internship at Wolff Architects in Cape Town followed by half a year’s internship at Taller de Opareciones Ambientales (TOA), Mexico City. At Wolff Architects the focus was on the socio-economic inequalities of South Africa and where we, as architects, are positioned in the systems and dynamics of the city. TOA focused on ecological sustainability through the constant research and use of natural building materials such as adobe, bamboo and timber. I then started my Masters in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2017.

Motivation for participation:
Being a young South African, culture and heritage are things which I believe to be necessary in the development of most practices. I imagine the research of different, previously oppressed, cultures in South Africa will be what allows the country to move forward from some of its events and legacies and so I am curious about how to translate meaningful research into innovation in practice and applying the lessons learned not only to the South African issue but to improve my architectural and life perspective.