Ramin Dorri

Nationality: Iranian
Institution: Politecnico di Milano

Hi, I’m Ramin Dorri. After I finished my primary education in Iran, I decided to move to Italy to continue to study architecture in an international environment. Before architecture, I studied civil engineering, and after graduation, I decided to follow my dream, which was design and architecture. My background in civil engineering gave me a better understanding of construction process, material and stability. And when it comes to the architecture it makes me always consider many aspects in both artistic a scientific point of view.

Motivation for participation:
I consider myself as a designer. A designer has one of the hardest responsibilities in this world. A designer must inspire, teach, organize, make united and lead other people. Not only people of now but also the people who will live in future. I would like to participate CRAFT project, which is a multidisciplinary project that let the people from various culture, educations, backgrounds, talent and abilities to work together as a team to design, create, inspire, and lead; in the other word, to create Art. My goal is to learn from other people as much as I can, and work together to create a dream all together.