Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink

Associate Professor of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, TECH Faculty, Aalborg University

Tenna D. O. Tvedebrinkis Head of Study Board at the Architecture & Design Education and Associate Professor at Department of Architecture and Media Technology, Aalborg University. She holds an interdisciplinary educational background across domains of architecture, design, civil engineering, sensory science, consumer science, molecular gastronomy and food sociology from Aalborg University and Copenhagen University.

For six years, she was teaching at the Integrated Food Studies program, Food Design Thinking courses. At present, she teaches in a series of topics across architectural history, health and wellbeing in the Architecture & Design programs.

Related to this, her main research interest is in Architectural Theory and Design Thinking Methods, though most often with an interdisciplinary perspective on investigating sub-topics like Cultural Heritage, User Experiences, Embodiment, Atmosphere, Storytelling, Design Teaching & Learning, Social Sustainability, Design for Health & Wellbeing, and Eating Environments.