Mercedes Menéndez González

Nationality: Spanish
Institution: University of Oviedo

Doctoral candidate in Art History, currently enjoying an exchange mobility at the University of Heidelberg. My dissertation is a monograph on the life and work of Navascués, a contemporary Spanish artist mainly active in the 1970’s.In the last few years, I have carried out professional internships at Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome, The Fondazione Musi Civici di Venezia – Murano Glass Museum, and the department for museums of the City of Florence. In my home region, Asturias, I have gained a multi-year experience in the field of cultural journalism, both in print and audio visual media.

Motivation for participation:
Coming back to the wonderful Venice. Deeper understanding the teaching/learning methods within the discipline of design and heritage studies. Meeting people with different approaches and backgrounds. Develop intensive work skills. And taking part in the Art Biennale, it is simply amazing.