António Sena da Silva and Leonor Martins Machado – Sena da Silva Chair (1970)

The Sena da Silva Chair belongs to a scholar furniture set of tables and chairs designed by the Portuguese architect and designer António Sena da Silva (1926-2001). The project had the collaboration of his wife, the architect Leonor Martins Machado (1930 -). Since the 1960s, his Studio promoted the research about scholar equipment considering the learning process. The furniture system that includes this chair is an iconic example of the results. In several documents and communications, Sena da Silva mentioned the importance of ergonomics and its relation with the wellbeing of children, who spend a lot of time at school.

The piece was produced in beech wood by Olaio factory in the beginning of 1970s. The simplicity of the design and the constructive optimization are remarkable. The way the chair fits its users, and at the same time, the easy way to be inverted and stackable forming a self-supporting vertical tower of virtually unlimited progression are distinctive features of Sena’s Chair, just as the designer stated.

This model of chair proudly belongs to the Portuguese Furniture History and is on display in the permanent exhibition of MUDE (Museum of Design and Fashion) in Lisbon.


Author: Fátima Pombo

Photo: [accessed 22 April 2019]