Hans Wegner – Peacock Chair (1947)

 The Peacock Chair designed in 1947 is one of Danish designer Hans J. Wegner’s most famous chairs. It is named by its resemblance to the feathers of the outspread tale of the peacock. A name given by his colleague Finn Juhl upon his first encounter, but,The decorative back gives the character to the chair, but at the same time provides support, as the flat parts is positioned where the back is in direct contact with the chair, when you sit in it. The Peacock chair is a modern version of the classic British Windsor chair produced since the 17thcentury, but with a modern elegance and less stylistic details. Originally, it took several weeks to produce one chair. Still today, seven workers need almost two weeks.

Wegner’s lifelong search for understanding the nature of wood in chair designs, perhaps originated from him being a trained woodworker, the function and the quality of sitting always came first. He challenged the materials, traditional furniture construction and beauty in a sculptural functionalism. All aspects, which is recognizable in the Peacock Chair.

Author: Elias Melvin Christiansen

Drawing: Elias Melvin Christiansen