Ito Design and Michael Welsh (Haworth Design) – Zody Chair (2006)

In spite of its invisibility at the Design Museums, this chair was the star in offices all over the world during the last decades. It was conceived as a high-technology piece with an intensive research process in order to find comfort and wellness. Zody chair includes an original asymmetrical lumbar adjustment that was imitated by other office chairs manufactures. In addition, the chair was designed using the Cradle to Cradle protocol. It is 95% recyclable and contains up to 51% recycled content. Obviously, it is PVC free and it was the first task chair recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association. Although its ergonomic design, affordable price and sustainable solution, Zody is a versatile chair that offers seat range height.It can be supplied in a wide variety of materials and colours to be adapted to any space or interior decoration.

Due to its popularity in working interior spaces, Zody was included in the design set of many tv series such as House, CSI New York, Bones, Revenge, House of Lies, Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Wife. It was also used in films just as The Call or 27 dresses. The Zody Chair’s utilization in those films epitomises its success as an essential piece in office decoration in any sort of companies all over the world.


Author: Ana María Fernández García