CRAFT recently held a successful Multiplier Event in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The event was held during the Learning/Teaching/Training partner meeting on May 29th, 2019. The Multiplier Event was planned, arranged and wonderfully moderated by the host of this partner meeting,  Univerza V Ljubljani in close collaboration with the rest of the CRAFT project.

The theme of the event was  “The Chair in a public space – Ljubljana Bench”

The multiplier event was held at a local venue in central Ljubljana Pritličje. During the day Pritličje is a café, bar and restaurant serving coffee, food etc. In the evening Pritličje  also functions as a community hosting events based on entertainment, culture, society and music.

The location was chosen by the partners form Univerza V Ljubljani, as the room, the history and the community of Pritličje goes well in hand with the theme of CRAFT – cultural heritage.

CRAFT partner Martina Malešič opened the event with a short welcome followed by an introduction to the event and its agenda in Slovenian. She was followed by CRAFT project leader, Anna Marie Fisker from Aalborg University in Denmark, who introduced and presented the CRAFT project to the public.

After this, Karel Pollak from Spatial Planning Department, Ljubljana Municipality introduced the audience to the history of the Ljubljana Bench and insights into the background for choosing to restore the bench. This was followed by two small lectures from CRAFT partners Fatima Pombo from Universidade De Aveiro, and Elias Melvin Christiansen, Aalborg University, who spoke, respectively, on the themes “A Landscape for a Bench” and  “Utsep by Jørn Utzon”. 

After these very interesting lectures, Katja Saje and Sergej Hiti, members of a group of young architects and landscape designers, who in 2010 won the competition for Ljubljana’s bench (standardized solution for benches in the public space in Ljubljana gave a presentation about their project.

After the presentations and lectures, Martina Malešič closed the session by inviting the public to a drink and a small appetizer. The Pritličje bar quickly rearranged the room of the event and made room for a more loose atmosphere where the public and partners had the opportunity to discuss, debate and mingle with each other upon the overall topic of Cultural Heritage that the CRAFT-project is focusing on.


Watch the event on Youtube here: