Morten Mogensen

Senior Consultant & Head of Copenhagen Ofiice at BIIR

Morten is Senior Consultant & Head of Copenhagen office at the Danish Engineer house, BIIR. Morten works daily with start-ups and entrepreneurial companies, helping and consulting them to secure the product development, design for manufacturing and production ramp up. Further, Morten is a DTC Core Team Member at the DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Science Park, assisting Danish tech challenge (DTC) contestants accelerating their products.

In 2012 Morten co-founded and co-invented the MK1-E cargo bike and the Danish Company Butchers & Bicycles. The cargo bike is the first of its kind and has gained great interest for people all over the world. In 2017 the MK1-E was awarded with Best Cargo-Bike at the Cyclingworld Düsseldorf 2017 show. Morten is today Chairman of the Board at Butchers & Bicycles.

Morten holds a Master of Science in Architectural Engineering from the Department of Architecture and Design at Aalborg University from 2007 within product design.