Ardian Murati

Nationality: North Macedonian
Institution: Politecnico di Milano

My name is Ardian Murati from North Macedonia. I am currently a master student in Politecnico di Milano in the “Built environment and interiors” Program. I have obtained my primary and secondary education in Macedonia and USA (cultural & educational exchange for one academic year). My undergraduate studies took place at the UACS in Skopje, were I concentrated in architecture and design. Besides architecture, I have taken an interest in art and psychology. My goal for the future is to work in areas and projects where I can combine these three fields.

Motivation for participation:
As an artist, participating in an event such as the Venice Art Biennale is a thrilling experience. The international aspect and multi-cultural participation in the CRAFT workshop is very exciting. I believe that the meeting of different cultures and study backgrounds leads to more evolved topic solution