Arne Jacobsen – The Egg Chair (1958)

The Egg Chair, one of the Arne Jacobsen’s most iconic creations, was designed in 1958 for a special purpose. It was designed to adorn the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Jacobsen’s most prominent work. This project closely connected a unique group of resounding names: the Scandinavian Airlines as its commissioner, Arne Jacobsen as its creator, and Fritz Hansen as the manufacturer. Their goal was to build a grand new hotel for the Jet age, a luxurious and impressive building that would reflect values and quality on the inside as well as on the outside.

The Egg was initially designed in a sculptural manner as Jacobsen was exploring its form through experimenting with different materials. He decided on an organic egg-like shape and clad the chair in natural colours. He was also interested in how the characteristics of a particular material influence the form of a design. The Egg Chair was intended to stand out and dominate the space that it is placed in with its unusual form. Compared to Jacobsen’s other designs, it is big and voluminous while his designs are mostly simple and functional. Like some of Jacobsen’s other designs, the Egg was considered somewhat too modern at one point, but through time its spirit and liveliness have helped it to become an enduring classic.


Author: Katarina Richter