Patricia Urquiola – Chaise-Longue Antibodi (2006)


The Spanish designer, Patricia Urquiola, who has developed most of her professional career in Italy, created this non-upholstered chaise-longue that (in this natural colour) for Moroso could bring us memories of the film Splendour on the Grass (Elia Kazan, 1961).

The fabric reversible materials: felt-wool fabric and wool fabric and leather can present two different eye-catching models. One with petals facing upwards that looks like a vegetable seating element and the other, with a cosier quilted-look.  Both sides create an original piece of furniture that although it seems to have been thought for terraces and gardens, has been designed just for interiors.


Author: Marta García-Sampedro Fernández-Canteli

Photo: Creative Commons