Grete Jalk –  G J Bow Chair (1963)

The GJ Bow Chair constructed of two folded plywood pieces has a side table to play along. In this image chair and table play a role in theatrical scenery for imaginary narratives happening at an ambiguous hour. The chair’s story itself has dramatic notes. In 1963 the Danish designer Grete Jalk (Copenhagen, 1920-2006) won the British Daily Mail International Furniture competition with this chair built in collaboration with the cabinetmaker Poul Jeppesen. However, despite the prestigious award, only approximately 300 pieces were produced due to the technical complexity and daring method of production it asks for. On the other hand, the unique elegance, grace and unconventional lines of this chair attracted the attention of MoMA in New York. The Museum bought the chair in the same year of the competition and displays it on permanent exhibition. The limited number of copies may probably explain the impressive high prices it achieves in international auctions. Since 2008 the Bow Chair and Nesting Table were put in production again and the icon recovers the possibility of being released for contemporary times.

Author: Fátima Pombo