Peter Raacke – Cardboard Chair Otto (1968)

This chair designed in 1968 by Peter Raacke (Hanau, 1928) is the first piece of furniture in this material to be manufactured industrially. Otto is to find in some museums like MoMA, Vitra Design Museum or Deutsches Technik Museum. However, nowadays, as it was again put in the market, it is possible to have the chair at home or set in a multiple kind of spaces.  And then, each of us can customize the chair by painting it with any patterns just by following the flow of imagination. Cardboard furniture responds to many demands of nomad life let alone the key issue of sustainability that urges to be implemented in big and small scale. Cardboard furniture is cheap, light and can be assembled and disassembled in the twinkling of an eye when it’s time to move. It is suitable for living in tiny spaces. It is durable, reliable, recyclable and therefore expands an eco-friendly statement.  Otto, especially, stands out in a room as a chair that suggests a low profile attitude and a contemporary lifestyle pointing towards movement, flow, transformation.

Author: Fátima Pombo