Paola Navone – Gray 24 Chair (2014)

Gray 24 Chair is part of the Gray collection developed by the Italian designer Paola Navone (1950) in which she features minimalist lines that evoke the Scandinavian aesthetics with a tint of Gustavian style or of Arts & Crafts. From the very modest colour that gray might be it is possible to add multicoloured accents by joining, for example, a cushion on the seat or in the back in a range of fabrics and patterns. However, the chair despite its name is also available in natural lacquered American walnut or oak and in white, blue or black lacquered oak.  And gray, of course. Navone states that she likes to ‘create friendly objects, capable of being forgotten in a house. (…) I love furniture that sits in a space like it’s always been there.’ ( The Gray 24 Chair has that potential of adapting to different living scenarios and therefore to remain in a space even if other elements go out or come in. It has also the potential to adapt to different times. It is possible to imagine it at grandma’s home, in the illustration of a children’s book or at an urban apartment. This is what timeless design also means.

Author. Fátima Pombo

Photo: Gray 24 Chair in company of Gray 23 Chair and Gray 21 Chair