Ana María Fernández García

Partner in CRAFT. Full Professor at the University of Oviedo in Spain.

Ana María Fernández García obtained her doctorate with a research about the artistic relationship between Spain and Argentina from 1880 to 1930 concerning painting trade and artist’s emigration. She is specialized also in interior design history and in gender studies.

She has managed several European and Spanish research projects and she is the director of the Res Mobilis Journal, on-line publication focused on decorative arts and design.

She was speaker in the National Gallery of London, the Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum in Madrid and the Medows Collection in Texas. She is currently the Director of Art History Department and the coordinator of the Master programme in Advanced Studies in Art History: research and management.

Anna Marie Fisker

Project leader in CRAFT. Professor at Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Anna Marie Fisker, Architect maa, PhD, currently holds the position as director of Center for Food Science, Design & Experience. Her research focuses on issues of architectural theory and history, design, food and aesthetics with a protracted curriculum in teaching in these subjects.

Anna Marie Fisker has been curator at several Art and Architectural Biennale projects in Venice. She has a large curriculum of external financed research projects related to design, architecture and food at Aalborg University, and she has been lead-partner in several EU partnerships working with art, food, design and architecture.

Anna Marie Fisker is the author of more than 100 scientific articles.

Daniela Rimei

Partner in CRAFT.

Responsible for audience development implementation at AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali), the Marche Region’s Interdisciplinary Circuit of Theatre, Dance, Music, and Contemporary Circus.

After bachelor graduation in Art and Culture Modern Languages from the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino in 2007, Daniela started working for AMAT where she is primarily involved in the field of audience development widening and diversifying audiences but also deepening relationship with them. She participates in international projects and has professional experience in community project coordination.


Daniele Sepe

Partner in CRAFT.

Vice-Director of AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali), the Marche Region’s Interdisciplinary Circuit of Theatre, Dance, Music, and Contemporary Circus. He has been working for the Association since 2005 after bachelor graduation in Art and Culture Modern Languages from the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino with a thesis on the History of Theatre and Performance entitled “The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative”, a creative collaboration program with the participation of emerging artists and established masters in the performing and visual arts. At AMAT he is primarily involved in programming, with particular regard to dance, contemporary theatre and international activities as the organizing manager of the Civitanova Dance Festival and coordinator of actions in support of creativity that include creative residencies and promotional activities for the theatre season. He has been a member of the Anticorpi XL network Promotor Committee since 2007. He participates in the ideation and management of international and interdisciplinary projects approved in the context of European Union Programs (Culture; Creative Europe; Youth in Action; Erasmus+).


Davide Calvaresi

Davide Calvaresi, artist and choreographer, has been leading the company 7-8 Chili since 2005, producing works that received important recognitions: finalist at the Rome Equilibrio Award 2013, special mention to the National Award Scenario Infanzia 2011, Nuove Sensibilità award 2010, Prospettiva Danza award 2015 (together with Irene Russolillo for the project MAP). As from 2010 he is supported by Amat (Marche Region Association of Performing Arts); and since 2014, Marche Teatro has produced three of his works among which Hand Play, promoted by the project Teatri del Tempo Presente of the Italian Ministry of Culture, and selected at the IETM Spring Plenary Meeting Bergamo 2015

His short film Olmo won the Golden Globe 2019.

Elias Melvin Christensen

Ph.D. Aalborg University

Elias Melvin Christiansen is a Danish architect M.Sc., and currently a Ph.D. student at Aalborg University. Elias’ Ph.D. studies are located in the intersection between Architecture and Urban Design and he is studying the theories of tectonics and its application for describing, designing and understanding contemporary urban environments. His study is called Urban Tectonics – In search for an art of assembling the city.

Elias’ research and studies has been published by the International Network Ambiances, installed at Aarhus Festuge and exhibited at DAC – Danish architectural Centre.

Beside his studies, Elias has been teaching Architecture and Urban Design at undergraduate and graduate level, and participated in architectural competitions in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Fátima Pombo

Partner in CRAFT. Professor at University of Aveiro.

Fátima PomboPhD, is professor of Design Studies at University of Aveiro, Portugal, member of ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture from University of Aveiro and University of Porto, and was Guest Professor for several years at the University of Leuven (KUL), Department of Architecture. She served university in various capacities, namely Head of the Research Unit and Head of Design Course. Her research, publications and teaching focus on issues of phenomenology, design, interior architecture and aesthetics.She researched in Design at University of Barcelona, was an Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellow at University of Munich and doctoral research fellow at University of Heidelberg.

She participates in international research projects, in international scientific boards, as jury member of awards like the iF Design Award (Germany), as jury member of master and PhD thesis, among other academic functions and responsibilities. Pombo publishes regularly in books, anthologies and peer-reviewed journals. Das Coisas Belas e Desenhadas (From Beautiful and Designed Things) is her most recent book (Feb 2018).

Francesca Zanotto

Ph.D. Politecnico di Milano

Francesca Zanotto, architect, in 2018 obtained a PhD in Architectural, Urban and Interior Design at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) of Politecnico di Milano, where she is Teaching Assistant at Architectural Design Studio.

Her research focuses on the implications of changing consumption, economic and political patterns for architecture and design culture in the contemporary age.

She has been visiting PhD candidate at TU Delft, studying the application of the paradigm of Circular Economy to the design of the built environment.

Hans Thyge Raunkjær

Partner in CRAFT. Owner & Creative Director, Hans Thyge & Co.

Hans Thyge Raunkjær is an award-winning Danish designer with an educational background from the Danish School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen. He is the founder of the design company Hans Thyge & Co.

Hans Thyge Raunkjær has been giving lectures and teaching courses in design and design-related topics for more than 25 years and in 2006 he was appointed censor by “The Danish Academy Council”. He is the receiver of several prices, among these; German Design Award, Wallpaper Award, The Danish Furniture prize, The Forsnäs Prize etc. In 2005 Hans Thyge Raunkjær writes and publishes the book “Chairs on the run”, which was later published widely in various books and magazines worldwide.

Further, Hans Thyge Raunkjær is the founder of the design studio Hans Thyge & Co, which has existed since 1990. The studio specialises in designing furniture, objects, interiors and branding. The studio has a long history of know-how and experience working with a variety of materials and production methods for clients worldwide. Hans Thyge & Co is a well-known and established Design company with studios in Denmark, China and Italy.

HC. Holmstrand

HC Holmstrand has for 35 years worked as a consultant, manager, advisor and educator in the field of environmental, cooperative and creative economy. HCH is educated as a Master of Science (MSc) in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). HCH’s key qualifications inside the field of environmental, cooperative and creative economy is project development, project management, organizational development, strategy design and experience design management.

In Holmstrand Consulting he has been working as development consultant in environmental and creative economy, but has also been lecturer in experience design and design project management at the Danish Design School (DKDS) and Research Assistant and Project Manager at Aalborg University in collaboration with companies and communities, developing cultural and environmental development laboratories.

Jeppe Heden Christensen

M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from Aalborg University, 2021.
Assistant, Centre for Food Science, Design & Experience, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark.
Jeppe Heden Christensen holds research activities in integrated design, international and national research projects and have been writing scientific articles the last three years.
Further Jeppe Heden Christensens main research interests are architectural tectonics as a sustainable and holistic way of approaching architecture as well as design in general.

Martina Malešič

Partner in CRAFT. Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Martina Malešič, PhD, is an art historian, employed as a teaching assistant and researcher associate at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She studied art history, graduated in 2008 and defended her PhD thesis in 2013. Her research field covers theory and history of architecture, design and urban planning of 20th century (her PhD thesis was focusing on Scandinavian influences on Slovenian dwelling culture after WWII).

She is actively involved in the field of promotion and popularization of modern architecture, by organizing workshops, guided tours, lectures and exhibitions. She has curated several exhibitions, among others Streets and Neighbourhoods: Vladimir Braco Mušič and Large-Scale Architecture(co-curators Luka Skansi, Bogo Zupančič) in 2016 in Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and New Spaces, New Images. The 1980s through the Prism of Events, Exhibitions, and Discourses(co-curator Asta Vrečko) in 2016 in Museum of Modern Art (MG) in Ljubljana.

Peter Frigaard

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering 1986 and PhD in Civil Engineering 1989 from Aalborg University. Peter Frigaard is an associated Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering and has professional experience and interest in Maritime Structures, Coastal Erosion/protection, Renewal Energy, Oil and Gas Structures, Construction of Ports and Offshore structures, Development of Wave Energy devices, Design of Offshore Wind Turbines, Hydrodynamics and Hydraulics, Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Peter Frigaard holds research activities around Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering, Physical Geography, Structural Dynamics and Mechanics as well as Food Science, Design & Experience. He has either been participating or leading more than 50 projects and is the author of more than 300 scientific articles.

Rebeka Vidrih

Partner in CRAFT. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Rebeka Vidrih studied art history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, graduated in 2004 and completed her doctorate studies in 2008. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Her current lectures consist of the survey course on European art and architecture from the 16th century up to the present times, the course on history of photography and the new media of contemporary art, and the course on the history of the discipline of art history.

Her foremost research areas are theories of visual arts and theories of art historiography.

Sine Raunkjær

Educated cand. Arch at Aarhus School of Architecture in 2007 in the department of “Furniture and space”.


Part owner of the design studio Hans Thyge & Co since 2010.


Sine Raunkjaer has worked in the field; design, interior, graphics, branding and communication for clients worldwide.


She works with design from a holistic approach and believes that good design should tell or contain a story and have an emotional impact on us as human beings. Aesthetics is the focal point of her design, but she believes design contains much more than just the appearance of an object or a space, it is ideas, values, culture, functionality, materials and much more boiled down to a physical object.

Aisha Susanne Hjorth Nielsen

Assistant, Center for Food Science, Design & Experience, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Aisha Susanne Hjorth Nielsen is currently Stud. M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, Aalborg University. Here she has an interest for a holistic design approach with user involvement, technical restraints and design created for longevity.

Aisha Susanne has for several years contributed to planning, organizing, and hosting events and seminars.

Valeria Colonnella

Valeria Colonnella is an illustrator. She attended the school of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan and a master at the School of Fine Arts of Macerata. She is part of 7-8chili art collective since 2005. She runs creative workshops for adults and children.

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