Anne Dall

Senior Consultant.

Anne is a senior consultant at Public Quality, Stakeholder Intelligence, Ramboll Management Consulting, Denmark. She has a background in health and nutrition and her interest are child development, health and well-being as well as play- and learning environments in daycares.

Anne has professional experience in project coordination, developing and writing teaching materials and teaching within the fields of food, child development, well-being and IT-systems.

Aske Eg Thorn

Aske is a master student at Aalborg University, Denmark, studying architectural engineering. Previously he attended Aarhus School of Architecture but changed to Architecture and Design on Aalborg University for a more technical approach. Apart from studying Aske works with architectural competitions concerning graphics, drawings and layout. As a student assistant I help the team with whatever they need. My assistance consists mostly of graphic design and layout but varies from project to project. Through architecture Aske aspires to combine technical knowledge with form-giving, to improve sustainable conditions and well-being of everyday life.


C+W Studio

C+W Studio is a photography and multimedia design studio originally based in Des Moines, IA.  By its third year of operation, the studio had grown from photographing home renovations for a local developer to working with award winning designers across two continents.
By combining an architectural background with visual tools, the studio approaches the built environment with a focus on how space is created, occupied, and in some cases vacated.  The studio studies how the environment, culture, and light affect the perception of the space over time. The ability to capture time, space, form, and lighting all within a single moment is the beauty to which the studio is drawn. C+W Studio seeks to use visual media to not only form observations but also as a tool to understand the intimate relationship between the subject and its domain.
Past Clients include The American Heart Association, Rallycap Properties, Neumann Monson Architects, Spiller Design, and RIFA.

Helle Sone Larsen

Helle Sone Larsen works with projects concerning development of the public foodscape for elderly people at Fælleskøkkenet I/S in Denmark. She has a background in health and nutrition and has a passion for the interaction between food and people: because food generates interaction across borders, age, social status, gender and much more.

As a former student at Aalborg University, I am able to see what a great challenge it was to work with an interdisciplinary focus on projects related to food. Due to the many perspectives, I have learned and experienced, it is for me, a great opportunity to be a part of the Craft team, learn, and meet new people and places that can inspire me further on.

Morten Mogensen

Senior Consultant & Head of Copenhagen Ofiice at BIIR

Morten is Senior Consultant & Head of Copenhagen office at the Danish Engineer house, BIIR. Morten works daily with start-ups and entrepreneurial companies, helping and consulting them to secure the product development, design for manufacturing and production ramp up. Further, Morten is a DTC Core Team Member at the DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Science Park, assisting Danish tech challenge (DTC) contestants accelerating their products.

In 2012 Morten co-founded and co-invented the MK1-E cargo bike and the Danish Company Butchers & Bicycles. The cargo bike is the first of its kind and has gained great interest for people all over the world. In 2017 the MK1-E was awarded with Best Cargo-Bike at the Cyclingworld Düsseldorf 2017 show. Morten is today Chairman of the Board at Butchers & Bicycles.

Morten holds a Master of Science in Architectural Engineering from the Department of Architecture and Design at Aalborg University from 2007 within product design.

Piero Schiavon

Piero Schiavon  is a true Venetian, now living at the Lido with his Anna and their two children.

He knows every corner of the city, and can tell you some amazing tales over a glass of prosecco.

During the last 15 years, he has been consultant for AAU helping with logistics and practicalities during projects and especially adding to AAU’s network in Venice.

Simon Ellehammer J.

Working as project coordinator for an industrial kitchen, Simon plans and manages projects of all kinds. His educational background is a Master of Education and a Master of Global Political Studies.

In private, Simon is a cosmopolitan peace activist, dedicated facilitator and multidisciplinary geek par excellence.

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