Output identification: O1

Output Title: Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum

Output description: The design and development of the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum will be an extremely important foundation for CRAFT, and it will represent a unique and innovative step, both significant in quality and quantity, towards a new standard of curricula within higher education institutions.

The design and development of the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum describes the content and learning objectives of the courses, including course modules and project parts, and is something beyond what is normally produced by the participating organisations as a part of their regular production.

The precise content of the physical elements of the innovation part of the project and of the multidisciplinary includes learning activities, i.e. workshops, sessions, summer schools and competition. It furthermore specifies the documentation required from the students for participating in the courses, and provides a framework for evaluation of the different learning activities, i.e. developing the evaluation questionnaires for students as well as teachers (O7).

During CRAFT, we would like to work with different types of reporting (state-of-the-art of the different learning modules). These can contain various elements including classical reports, drawings and models, PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, prototypes, demonstrations of models and exhibitions of different durations.

These new and innovative different state-of-the-art learning modules will have a high impact on European educational institutions’ abilities to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, a contribution that is built on the shared cultural heritage which will furthermore have a positive impact on the European general values.

All course modules, sessions and learning activities will feed into and be documented on the project’s website www.craft-culturalheritage.eu. This will contribute to a high level of transferability, and secure free accessibility to the public.

Activity Leading Organisation: Aalborg University

Start & End date: 01.09.2018 – 31.07.2021