Output identification: O6

Output Title: Design and Development of Two Outreach Activities

Output description: The design and development of the outreach activities involve planning, implementation and execution of both a public exhibition and a performance- and theatre event involving young local people to catalyze innovative activities built on shared cultural heritage.

Activated in this Intellectual Output is the Course/Curriculum (O1), and in detail the training scheme (O2). Add hereto the result of the O5, the case study that involves a student competition.

During O6 these mentioned intellectual outputs will be activated together to provide a context for both an exhibition that launch the results of competition for Master Students and PhD students (O5) and a performance and theatre event at AMAT Rossini Theatre in Pesaro 2021.

AMAT was funded by MIBACT (Italian Ministry of Culture) and by the Marche Region Administration in 1976. The theatre’s role is managing the theatrical activities of drama, dance and music, in association with the local administrations (70 Town Councils of the Marche region). AMAT works at regional, national and international levels, having as a key activity networking in order to implement actions mainly concerning: theatre (drama and contemporary theatre); dance (ballet and contemporary dance); music; and importantly non-formal education (workshop and research projects). AMAT also supports creative performers and projects (artistic residencies and platforms for emerging artists), and interdisciplinary projects (site-specific performances, community projects, research).

The chosen context for O6 will ensure a large impact on both the Joint Multidisciplinary Course Curriculum and the Joint Multidisciplinary Training Scheme material of the CRAFT project. However, it will above all, through the attention of both the results of the competition (O5), the public exhibition and a theatre performance, give a high impact on European Cultural Values in general. Especially an impact on the development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences by supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences, in order to foster employability and socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life.

This outreach activity will also strengthen the activities and cooperation between universities, manufactures, cultural actors and regional authorities, and by doing this promote the development of education, training and youth systems and their integration in actions of local and regional development creating a positive transferability.

The aim of this outreach activity is also to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of key competencies in a multidisciplinary design innovation based process. The objective of this outreach activity is furthermore to provide the students with the skills to analyze critical aspects concerning the construction and design of innovative product details. Explicit to integrate their findings in a new context (both an exhibition showcasing the competition and a performance and a theatre event), where critical aspects on materials, manufacturing, user experience and durability have been handled and designed into an integrated product, the CRAFT project.

Activity Leading Organisation: Associazione Marchigiana Attivita’ Teatrali – Amat

Start & End date: 01.06.2019 – 31.07.2021