Associazione Marchigiana Attivita’ Aeatrali – Amat

AMAT is a non-profit association of local and regional authorities of the Marche Region. Public and private cultural entities may be members of it. Its scopes are: to programme drama, dance, music and circus performances; to support artistic creativity in the performing arts; to promote initiatives addressed to schools and universities, encouraging contemporary approaches; to promote shows, conferences and editorial projects that help the consolidation and growth of the audience and to implement original and research with an interdisciplinary approach.

Founded in 1976, AMAT is funded by MIBAC (Italian Ministry of Culture) and the Marche Region Administration. AMAT schedules, promotes and manages the theatrical activities of drama, dance plus non-formal education for local communities, in association with local administrations (70 associated as town councils and other organizations). AMAT works regionally, nationally and internationally. Key activities: networking to implement theatre, dance (ballet, contemporary dance) activities; audiences’ non-formal education (workshops); support creativity (artist residencies); interdisciplinary projects (site-specific performances, community projects). AMAT is the Marche Region partner in the network Anticorpi XL (30 Italian partners) developing contemporary dance. AMAT promotes the social use of the performing arts organizing activities for schools and organizations at local levels to accompany the programs of events in the theatres.

AMAT has been collaborating with international artists since its foundation in 1976.  In the last years, AMAT has been experiencing a deeper method of work at international level with international partners, implementing as a partner a number of projects in the Culture Programme e.g. Transparent Boundaries and the Youth in Action Programme, with partners in the UK as well as Portugal, Romania, Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria and Denmark.